Thursday, November 27, 2008

Marvelous Molly

We have more information on Molly. She came to the rescue from South Dakota. She was rescued along with a male named Marty. Someone had decided he would get rich selling Molly's puppies. The volunteer who picked Molly and Marty up described their living conditions as "a small tin hut with a run that was about 8 feet square." The GRRR freedom squad arrived in response to an advertisement the breeder had run to sell the two Goldens.

Molly said she was dirty, tired and very discouraged. Her puppies had just been taken away and sold. She was facing a very dismal future. The male Golden, Marty, was in equal squalor. His collar was so tight they had to cut it off. Both of them were lacking contact with humans and were confined without exercise.

The volunteer made a stop at a groomer to bathe them before continuing on their way to Denver and Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. He said they smelled so bad that no cars would even follow them closely. Marty found a home up North, only Molly came on to Denver.

Molly is still pretty shy. She has gone through a lot of stress in the last few days. She needs a day or two to relax. She is showing her true nature, she is a tennis ball hound. She fetches tennis balls and even drops them (sometimes) when she brings them back. She is a cuddle hound, she also thinks she is a lap dog. Any excuse she can find to snuggle. She is trying to make up for her lack of attention, she is making a good effort to be a "Velcro girl". She still has a hard time understanding "treats". She did not know what treats were, she had never received something for good behaviour. At first she just let the treats drop on the ground so I could have them. Finally she tried one, she liked them. Molly has so much to learn, and she is doing so well. No messes in the house, she asks to go out. She loves tennis balls, but does not know what a rawhide chew toy is.

She is going to make someone a wonderful companion. At only two years old, she has many years of happiness ahead of her. Won't you help her find a warm and loving forever home?

Mogley g. Retriever


  1. I hope she gets a home this season! She certainly deserves it.

    love & wags,

  2. Hey Mogley,
    Ya gotta give Molly 2 some time to make the adjustment. It ain't gonna happen overnight, even though we all wish it would. It took Homer J. a long time to acclimate to life here and now he owns the place. Molly was a pet, nobody loved her. She was a production unit maintained to perform a function. No emotion needed, no niceities, just business. She has a lot of catching up to do. You remember how us rescues are, it takes a while but we come around and take over. Sophie's been here a month and today was the first time she played with the fleecy babies. She's gonna be OK and so will Molly 2 too. (TuTu - get it?)
    - TBH