Sunday, November 23, 2008

Five Friends Again

After Summer left for her forever home last afternoon, Bella and I were upset. We always miss someone that is as nice as Summer. Our cousins came by to make us feel better. They thought that a couple of hours of hard rough housing would make us feel better. It worked, we tired ourselves out and slept very well last night. We were worn out and ready to relax. Molly enjoyed socializing with her sisters. She is looking forward to the completion of the fence at her new home so that she can go home again. Below is a picture of all five of us waiting for a treat. I am on the left, then Bella, little Piper, Emma and Molly.

Piper is growing hair. She had a bad case of mange, now that she is in good health, she is growing long hair. She looks like a new dog. Instead of having a very thin, flat coat, she is turning into a longer haired Golden girl, she will look like Emma. Her new coat is growing in unevenly, and she has long hair over most of her body but some parts have not grown out yet, she still looks like she has a flat coat. Give her another month and she will be a beautiful girl.

There are several changes in our routine. We don't get as many good treats now,since the humans learned that we love bread, they give us small pieces of bread for treats. We like the bread, it tastes good and it is not very filling. We even get our pills in a piece of bread. Peanut butter is now a special treat, as are other treats. It is alright with us, the humans have more bread around the house than they have treats anyway. The closet is full of treats, we have to figure out a way to make them hand more out. Do we need to tell them to hurry up and hand out the dog biscuits before they go out of date?

Mogley g. Retriever


  1. Heya Mogley & Gang,
    Great potrait; 4 more and you'll be even with us (almost: Max weighs 155 and Shiloh weighs 160). Maybe our Dad can get a "treat picture" like yours. I doubt if we'll look as good. Our Dad read the stuff about the bread vs. treats and he's walking around the house smiling. Does bread cost as much as Milk Bones? Piper looks good to us. We saw Molly's picture on a wanted poster over at our local Squirrel's Post Office (Hee Hee Hee).
    - TBH

  2. If you all sit and stare at the closet that would give the humans a clue! Then you could put your paws on the door and look back over your shoulders. No human can resist that!!

    Glad you all are feeling better.

    love & wags,

  3. hi mogley - my name is tyler, i am a 3 1/2 year old golden. i have things pretty good over here, especially since someone gave my human a dog biscuit cookbook. she just made me a new batch of "cheese & garlic" treats that would knock your fur off. i will do ANYTHING for these things. maybe you should get your humans to talk to my human for the recipe!

  4. Hey Mogley and gang,

    It's interesting about the bread. We are not getting many treats these days, as Riley is a little "chunky". Some people say it is from stealing bratwurts from ladies in wheelchairs, but... anyway, here is something that has worked at our house. We also have a closet full of treats. By any chance, does yours have a lever-style handle on it? Ours does, and guess what? Cricket (one of the resident cats) knows how to open the door with that lever handle! So we have found a good use for cats! Any chance you could get one of the cats at your house to open it? Only problem at our house is, Mom figured it out and now puts a door stop under the door. *sigh* We need to figure that one out next. It's tough not having opposable thumbs!

    Mom saw Emma and Piper on Friday evening. She said they were very sweet and made her laugh. And she thinks Piper's coat is looking terrific!

    Take care!
    Riley and River