Friday, November 14, 2008

Running with Summer

Thursday we went to the big open park, Bella, Molly, Summer and I had a good time. Summer is showing us how well she can run and play. The big park is full of other dogs so we made a lot of new friends. Summer was allowed to run without her leash. She stayed close and ran with Bella and I. Molly does not come when called as well so she ended up having to drag her leash so we could catch her.

Summer is learning how to relate to other dogs and people. The first couple of days she was here she would hide when the door bell rang, she would hide when the rest of us began wrestling hard. Now she is playing with toys, running to help us answer the door bell, and joining in our wrestling, at least a little bit. Summer is rapidly moving from visitor to be a member of the pack and a full fledged resident of the house.

She has to take an antibiotic for a few more days. She took her pill with peanut butter for a while, then she bit into the pill, it was very bitter. She stopped taking peanut butter. They switched to wrapping her pill in cheese. When she gets cheese, we all get cheese. Cheese is a much better treat than the peanut butter was. Thank you, Summer, you raised the bar in treats we get.

She is an attention hog, she wants constant petting from the humans. I usually lie beside the chair, just in reach of a hand that hangs down from the chair where I can get petting all evening. Summer has taken over that spot, since she is a visitor and a special friend I have allowed her to take over my spot.

No one has asked to visit her to invite her to move into their home. She needs a forever home, if you can help her find one she would give you a big sloppy Golden kiss. Help us find Summer a new home for Thanksgiving.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Summer is so lucky to have you to help her feel better. I hope she get a furever home for the holidays!

    love & wags,