Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Molly 2

World, meet Molly. Molly, say hello to the world! Molly is our rescue visitor for the Holiday's. We will foster Molly until we can find her a forever home.

He said he was going to an early business meeting. He came back home with Molly 2, (Molly is staying here, so we have to differentiate them). He also smelled of yet another dog. When I asked him about it he explained that he had given a ride across town to Oakley so that Oakley could spend the Holiday with a real family. I told him I would have liked taking a ride too. He just ignored me. I bet he even let them smell out of my favorite car window.
Molly is a beautiful lady. She is only two years old, but she has already had two litters of puppies. She is still recovering from the last litter. Her former owner thought he could make money selling puppies, they ate more than he thought. Profits were more important to him that this sweet lady, so he turned her over to GRRR. She is nothing but skin, bones and hair now. She needs to rest and eat for herself instead of for her puppies. She does not know what kind of homes the puppies went to, she hopes they found good homes. She still misses them and is a little sad right now.

When she arrived she was overwhelmed by the three of us, we are pretty rowdy. We went out into the back yard and got acquainted in the open space, Molly 2 felt a lot better, she wanted to explore on her own terms. She is used to puppies and to a cage, not people, open space and other dogs. It will take her a while to learn about life in a real home.
She likes tennis balls, she is not attracted to other toys. In the first 1/2 hour in the back yard she climbed into the swimming pool and discovered why it is a "no-no". The pool cover is very shaky underfoot when you walk on it, and there is water with ice on it so you get cold and wet. When she climbed out of the pool she ran around for a few minutes and then she jumped into the Koi pond. When she came out of the Koi pond she was dripping. She found out why we don't swim this time of the year. there was a little ice still floating on the water. It was time to get the towels out and dry her off. She is not used to open spaces yet. We all played in the backyard for a while, then we came inside. We had our pictures taken while she learned how to sit for treats.
She is a lovely lady with a wonderful dark red coat and very dark muzzel. She is small, so she would make a great friend for someone that has a smaller place. She is going through a lot of change right now. We think she will be great when she settles in. She tried to lick the first cat she met, she thought it was a strange looking puppy. If you are curious, cats don't like to be licked. She wants to play with us, but is still shy. We will take it slow.
We will update you when we get to know her better. She will be here until she is a little stronger, then she will visit the Vet to get spayed. After that, she can be put up for adoption for her forever home. Now is the time to reserve this lady, you can be her forever home if you are willing to wait a few days for her to be ready.
Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Molly 2 is a very pretty girl. How terrific of you all to introduce her to true home life. That was funny (we're laughing in a gentle way) about her water experience. My mom has the most trouble with fosters learning to go in and out of doors (no pool here). Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    love & wags,

  2. Hey Mogley,
    Molly 2 is a beutiful red. Rusty and penny, at the Bridge, were reds and Homer J., our senoir special boy is a red. Too bad that Molly 2s owner just thought of her a a puppy factory. She has really stretched her tongue out long licking all of her puppies. We wonder if it'll ever shrink back to normal sized. It takes newbies a little while to get used to their new situations. We're going through all of that with our foster dog Sophie. You guys take good care of Molly 2.
    - TBH