Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fosters for Thanksgiving

We had an e-mail from Summer's family. They don't let her use the computer yet so the human has to write. They say that Summer is doing good, she sleeps on the bedroom floor beside the bed, which is the correct place for a Golden to sleep providing a good cushion is provided. They did not say if she gets to eat at the table or if she gets to have her own TV controller. When I get the TV flipper we watch Animal Planet all day long. No football at our house when I have the controller.

We received an e-mail from the rescue, they are asking all foster families to pick up a Golden so that all Golden's can have a warm home over the holidays. We will be making the drive across town to pick up one or two Goldens to share Thanksgiving dinner. Give a Golden a home for the holidays! We do rescue other dogs, not just Goldens, our organization won't say no to anydog.

We did hear good news, Brodie has a forever home. Brodie is the golden that was given sleeping pills and dumped for dead in a field outside of a small town. The human went home and told his family that Brodie had died. When Brodie woke up, he wandered into town. Animal control picked him up, someone recognized Brodie and the officer paid a visit to Brodie's home. Now charges are pending against his former owner and Brodie has a new forever home. Way to go, Brodie! Don't you just love it when a story has a happy ending?

We will let you know when our new foster friends arrive. It will be a wonderful Thanksgiving at our home! You can call your local rescue and have a new friend over to your home, another reason to give thanks in this season of sharing.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. That's a great idea! We have 3--Natalie (beagle/boxer), Lace (dachshund/rat terrier) and her puppy Graham. And my mom will be home for FIVE days with us. Then she goes away for 4 with HER mom then she's back for 3 days before going to work again. It's fun having visitors.

    love & wags,

  2. Heya Mogley,
    Sorry we're behind in our blog reading. it's been busy here with the new foster girl and the holidays and all. The take a Golden home for the holidays is a terrific idea. We all need to spread that one around. We're all glad that Brodie's story turned out so good. We don't have a lot of sympathy for the peep that tried to kill Brodie.
    - TBH