Saturday, November 22, 2008

Summer's Forever Home

We have all been very excited. Thursday night someone e-mailed us that they wanted to meet Summer. Today (Saturday) they came by to get acquainted with her. After the pack was locked outside, the people were allowed to get acquainted with Summer, one on one. Then they took Summer for a long walk in the park behind the house.

When they came back it was love at first sight. Summer said they dropped her leash and let her walk along with them, that did it for Summer, they trusted her. The people like to hike in the mountains, that was just more frosting on the dog biscuit for Summer.

In just a few minutes Summer was in the back of the car and she was gone to her new forever home. The human said that they had a large backyard, a nice warm home, and plenty of dog toys.

It was fun sharing our lives and our home with Summer. We are happy for her and her new home. It does leave more room around the bed, Summer always claimed the spot right by the side of the bed where I used to sleep. We also found out that Summer plays fetch pretty good, she is a tennis ball hound after all. For some reason the cats don't seem to be as broken up about her going as we are, that is why we never trust a cat.

Being a foster brother is fun, it is so good to be able to help a dog in need find her way to a new and better life. Some fosters are hard to part with though, Summer was one. We enjoyed her and if no one had taken her, we would have been happy having her stay.

Summer, we send you on in your life with these wishes: May you never see a chain link run again. May you never have to sleep out in the rain or snow again. May you never spend a day without a pat on the head, a scratch under the chin and a tummy rub. May you never have to sleep alone again. May you have all the love and attention that you deserve. You are a very special lady, we will miss you a lot.

Mogley G. Retriever
p.s. We hope they bring her to the Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion parties. It is so much fun to see old friends again.


  1. I knew it!! Hurray!! I wish her the best life ever!

    love & wags,

  2. Mogley, you showed her how wonderful her life could be and raised her expectations, and obviously some wonderful humans met them! That is just the best news.
    Your buddy,

  3. YAAAY!!!!!!! Way to go Summer! What happy news! With all the help you and Bella and the kitties gave her, Mogley, it's no wonder some super people came along and claimed her for their very own. We wish her the very best in her new home, and we hope she comes to the reunion parties too. What fun that will be! Hurray!!!!!

    Riley and River

  4. Way to go Mogley,
    We knew that your posting was great but we didn't really expect that Summer would be on her way so quickly. How great that she has been able to learn at the feet of the master. Weall bow to you but want you to realize that all our good vibes from VA made it all the way to CO to hell Summer on her way. It makes us all feel good.
    - TBH

  5. Good for Summer! I am so happy! Its a bittersweet time for you Mogley, before you know it your loving and wonderful humans will ahve a new foster for you to befriend and teach and raise. What a wonderful place your home must be.