Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanted; A Forever Home!

Above, Summer is looking for her forever home. Help her look by reading her story and sending it to friends.

Wanted, a Forever Home. An 8 year old Golden Retriever with impeccable manners seeks a permanent relationship. Wonderful soft, silky, long hair, dark eyes and an outgoing personality. Seeking a quiet home, Summer promises not to bite the mail man, in fact she promises she will not even bark at him. Summer is proud to have been selected by the resident cats, to receive the "Good HouseCat Seal of Approval". Summer is available to qualified humans only. No dog runs, crates or tie out chains need reply.
After Summers trip to the vet for a check up and then to the beauty salon, she is ready for her public appearance. She has such a wonderful silky coat that your hand wants to linger on her head to enjoy the softness. Summer is currently working hard on losing a few excess pounds, she wants to be back to her squirrel chasing weight by spring. She would welcome someone that will take her for quiet walks on the leash or an occasionally run in the dog park. Summer is mellow, she does not jump up or try to lick. She is housebroken and knows better than to make a mess in the house. Your carpets are safe with her in the house. If you want quiet love and devotion, she is the girl for the job.
The joys of an older golden retriever are that you get all the love, all of the affection, all of the beauty, and all of the loyalty, without having to worry about someone chewing up the shoes, wrecking the living room, or barking at the neighbors. You can't buy love, but you can adopt it. This dignified, loving lady will make a wonderful addition to your home and to your life.
Sign up at to adopt Summer and give her as much love as she will give you.

Mogley G. Retriever

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  1. Summer, you are a BEAUTIFUL girl! Talk about "cleaning up well"! :)

    It is absolutely true what you say about older Goldens. They are so very special -- mellow, wise, loving, but still that little sparkle of "let's play". Some of my most cherished moments with my last Golden, Casey, were his later years. He taught me so much during that time. I will never, ever forget. And Summer is only 8 -- she looks even younger from her pics -- she's got lots of joyous years ahead of her. I can't wait for the blog when you post "Summer found her forever home!" :)

    Hugs and tail wags,
    Colleen, Riley and River