Friday, November 28, 2008

Running with Molly:

We took our new foster friend, Molly, to the big dog park today, she had her first taste of running without a leash, without fences, without limits. From an 8' dog run to the 12 mile park is a big step. The park was crowded, there were so many new dogs to meet and things to be sniffed. Below is a picture of Molly playing "Crouching Golden, Hidden Golden" behind a clump of grass.

Molly did very well on her first freedom run. She came when called, unless someone was petting her, then she ignored us until the petting stopped. She did not run in the park, she simply went from one person walking to the next one, being as cute as she could, begging for pets and attention.

She is very much into attention. She says that in her chain link run at the breeders place, she did not get attention. With all of these people who love dogs, simply wandering in the park, she was giving them the opportunity to pet a dog. It was her good deed for the day. She was simply trying to bring some love to the prairie.

I got bored, usually we move along and cover a lot of ground when we are on an expedition. This time we just wandered along the path and went from person to person. Molly was having fun, I was bored. I took off when no one was looking and ran all the way to the river, I jumped in and splashed around, then ran back. I almost made it back before the human even noticed that I was gone. The water dripping gave me away.

We left the park and stopped at a pet store to check Molly's weight. She weighs 50.3 pounds. She sure enjoyed the smells and the excitement of the pet store, more people to pet a dog. When she goes up to a person with her whole body wagging, no one can resist leaning over and petting her.

Back home, Molly suddenly went out the dog door. No one had shown her the door, she just went out after watching me go out. She is a fast learner. She will make someone an extraordinary friend. Help us find her the best home we can, she deserves a loving household and a happy life.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Beautiful Molly Girl Running Free As You Meant to Have that Chance

  2. Molly, you are absolutely beautiful and you sound sooo sweet! Someone is going to have the BEST dog to snuggle with this Christmas! I love your beautiful dark red coat, and your soulful eyes. Life started pretty rough for you but good things are ahead. Listen to Mogley. He'll teach you the ropes and you'll get your new family in no time!! What a sweetie you are. {{HUGS}} to you, Miss Molly!

    Colleen, Riley and River

  3. Hey Mogley and Molly,
    Sounds like a great outing in the big park. Molly looks like she had a good time. Dad took our foster to PetSmart today and said he and she experienced the same things you guys did. Sophie came from a loving home but she doesn't understand why her peeps couldn't keep her. It's hard going from queen to a foster home.
    - TBH