Sunday, November 9, 2008

Summer Again

Summer came to our house again today. She is the second rescue dog that we have had this year named Summer. This Summer is a lot more of a rescue than the last Summer. She is 8 years old, and very well behaved. We picked her up from another GRRR volunteer that had brought her in from a rural area up North in Colorado. She had been a product of a broken home. After a divorce, she stayed with the husband who quickly lost interest in her. She spent more than a year in an outdoor run, alone.

Summer arrived so knotted and dirty that we had to give her a quick trim to get rid of some of the bigger balls and knots of hair. Tomorrow she has an early morning appointment with a groomer.
Instead of daily walks and tennis ball chases, she was confined to a lonely run, given food but no attention. She says she feels very dirty and does not want us to put her pictures up on the web until she can get her hair done. We explained that we were hoping to find her a new home, she is still reluctant to be seen in her present condition. I promised that tomorrow we would put up more flattering pictures. When she arrived here she had only a very old collar and a leash that looked like it had never been used. She did not get walks, she did not get brushed. She just got left.

After the stop at the beauty shop tomorrow, she will go to the vet and get a check up. She has a thyroid condition but they stopped buying her medicine over a year ago. Once she is back on her medications and starts walking with the others, she will work on her weight. (Note: The check up revealed that there was no thyroid problem, just too much food, too little excercise.) She says she thinks she is over 100 pounds. After her grooming, she will get to pick out a brand new collar so she can look her best when she meets you.
If you have ever wondered what a gem in the rough looks like, look at Summer. After all she has been through, she still is totally devoted to humans. She is napping on their feet right now. She says she will promise not to run around barking, she will not chew on shoes. She says she will be the best behaved companion you will ever have. She will follow you where ever you go. She will be at your side through thick and thin. She will promise to be a quiet loving companion. She will walk gently on her leash, she will obey you and love you. Go to to fill out an application to adopt Summer and give here the best life you can from now on. She deserves a forever home, filled with love. Won't you give it to her?

Below, Summer in the back watches Bella on the left, me in the middle and Molly on the right, look for crumbs from the afternoon treat.

Mogley G. Retriever


  1. Hey Summer!
    Sure wish my neighborhood of california was closer. That is horrible your former human was so mean to you, you look so pretty and sweet. Just makes me so mad that humans can be so stupid, luckily my humans are great, and I can tell you are now in the hands of some very loving and beautiful humans too. Listen to Mogley, he has great advice. I just know you will find your forever home that is just right for YOU.
    Your buddy,

  2. Mogley, I'm so glad Summer is with your loving family. I'm glad she will get pampered at the beauty shop, and enjoy your companionship after her lonely year. You guys are the best!

  3. Hey Mogley,

    I hope Summer is feeling more like a "new dog" after her grooming session today. We know that you, Bella, and Molly will look after her and show her the ropes, and most of all, your humans will show her how kind humans can be, when you're with the right ones. She has nothing but love in her future now. Look at that sweet face -- how could anyone not fall in love? GRRR will find her the best home ever! Tell her "Welcome to the GRRR family!" from Riley and River.

    Our mom was excited today because in the new GRRR newsletter, there is a letter from Ginger, who was a foster doggie at our house this summer. She is doing GREAT and has the most loving family now -- so we know that Summer will find an equally warm and loving home.

    Oh, and tell Molly not to be so naughty with all the running away nonsense! Doesn't she want to go home?

    Hugs and tail wags,
    Riley and River

  4. Heya Mogley,
    Sorry we ain't been in touch but we also have a foster now, Sophie, and she is also way over weight. Mom says that Sophie isn't fat but she is dangerously obese. We're gonna post about her soon on our blog. Your Summer is a very beautiful girl and she doesn't look anywhere near as heavy as Sophie (130 lbs). We know that Summer is gonna shine like the gem that she is once she's polished up. Neglect can cause more emotional pain than physical pain, but you know how social us Goldens are, we are hurt by neglect. We're all pulling for Summer to find her furever home real soon. Keep up the good work Mogley. Our best to Bella and Molly and also to Summer.
    Your pals,
    - The Bumpass Hounds.

  5. What a bittersweet story. I am so glad Summer is in the hands of your humans now Mogley. No Golden - no dog period - should ever have to go through what she went through. I cant imagine how lonely she must have been. She sure sounds like a sweetie. Take good care of her Mogley!