Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A typical "Dog's Day"

I did not get a chance to write my blog last night, my humans went off to dinner and left the computer turned off. It has been a busy weekend. Saturday morning I was “fish watching” when I accidentally fell into the fish pond, again. In the past when I fell in the pond a human was there to pull me out. This time the humans were up the ladder picking apples. By the time they got to me I had made a huge discovery. The front side of the pool is very steep and deep, but I can walk out of the back side, up the little stream that runs into it. As soon as the humans were up the ladders in the apple trees again, I went into the fish pond again. I now have that “fresh fish” smell, the humans keep bathing me, but now I can jump in the pond when ever I want. The fish sure get excited when I get in their pond. They don’t play very well with others. One small step for a dog, one giant leap for Dog-Kind. Yeah! Later when the humans were busy I checked out the steps in the swimming pool again, they still are too steep and drop off too quick for me to wade in easily. But the fish pond is now mine!

The apples that fall on the ground are almost as much fun to play with as tennis balls. I catch the apples that fall and run them around the yard. I take a bite out of a few before I move on.

Sunday the humans covered the swimming pool for the winter. That gives me a lot of new toys. The pool is covered with a big cover, now I have to find out how much I can run around on the cover before I get in trouble. Then there are the water bags, when I jump on them the water sloshes around. I hope they won’t cover the fish pond. I am not sure I am going to like winter.

The kitten was allowed out of the house and into the back yard today. The humans think that if the kitten is allowed to play with me in the back yard, he will be able to find his way back into the house if he ever gets out. The back yard gives us more room to run and play. I helped him find the good places to hide in the back yard. He found the catnip in the garden and enjoyed it, but he was not impressed by the fish pond. He did not seem to like swimming very well. The kitten does not understand how dog doors work, it is going to take a long time before he can come and go on his own.

That is all for now, I am going to dream of dogs and kittens running in the back yard.


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