Sunday, October 7, 2007


The resident Human says he is going to use a snow shovel to “pooper-scoop”. For ten days we had company. Our friend Tommy got married and our gift to him was to “dog-sit” with his two Golden Retrievers, Theo and Reba, along with Barkley, their noisy Pomeranian, so they could take a short honeymoon. But we are not that messy that he has to use a snow shovel!

It has been a fun time for me; there was always at least one dog that was willing to play when somebody wanted a romp. Feeding time was lots of fun too; Tommy feeds each of his dogs a different food. We played musical food bowls. Reba and I would switch bowls immediately, then we would both go help Barkley and Theo to finish theirs. Theo is an older lady and she eats slowly, Barkley eats out of Theo’s bowl and leaves her own untouched. That made feeding time so much fun, we got to try new foods. Nobody got grumpy, everyone shared like good friends.

Bedtime was the only hassle. With five dogs wanting to sleep in the same place, it got awfully crowded alongside the bed. When the humans got up, they kept tripping over dogs. This is good because a human on the floor while he is still sleepy is easy to lick. After he picked himself up he had to go wash off five different sets of dog licks. The Pomeranian kept trying to sleep on the bed, which made the rest of us mad because we were not allowed on the bed. It made the cats mad too, they were used to having the bed to themselves. The cats like to sleep on the bed and look down on us poor dogs on the floor. The dog bed was never designed for five dogs, it normally only has to hold Bella and I. Sleepovers are fun, but I am glad that they went home so we can have peace and quiet again.

Tonight I will dream of playing with my friends. Mogley

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