Monday, October 29, 2007

A Forever Home

When my human sat down on the floor with me, I thought it was time for a tummy rub or a wrestle on the floor. Instead he started talking to me about how happy he has been to have me stay with him. I have been staying here as a “foster dog” for the last four months. It sounded like he was leading into telling me he had found a new home for me. I started thinking about all the bad things I have done recently. I did chew on his glasses. He has two pair and one pair was just lying there, so I tried them on, they did not fit without some modifications to the plastic bows. Before I had finished modifying them to fit he grabbed them away from me and went through the whole “bad dog” routine. Boring! Several days later he left the second pair on the coffee table so I tried those on to see if they fit better. Same result, I had barely started chewing on the plastic bows when he took them away and scolded me again, this time very loudly. I chewed on the handle of the cat’s brush, he was spending too much time brushing the cat anyway. I ran out the door and all the way down into the park, twice in one day they had to run after me to catch me. But I have not done anything real bad, have I?

My worries were misplaced; he was talking to me about turning my “foster home” into a “forever home”. He asked me if I wanted to stay here forever. I almost said yes right away, but I was too busy wagging and licking him. Then it occurred to me, I needed to be negotiating some better terms. I asked for a bigger bed, Bella and I share one large bed, but she takes the center of it and I often end up on the floor. I asked for some new toys and more peanut butter on my daily “treat”. I was getting everything I wanted, but when I asked for a mint on my pillow every night I must have over reached, he turned me down and started giving me rules. He apparently does not like the way I run into the park whenever a door or a gate is left unguarded, he gets frustrated having to chase me down to bring me home. Most of the time I obey well, but the park is a wonderful place. He does not want me chewing on glasses, phones or TV controllers. He wants me to stop taking toys away from the cats and chewing them up. He even threatened that if I don't stop playing with cat toys that he will put a notice on my blog "Mogley plays with cat toys" and embarrass me. I promised I would try harder to listen to his commands. He told me he will have to do some paper work to make it official with the Golden Retriever Rescue group but he had already asked them if it would be all right.

We celebrated the occasion by taking a walk in the park, then getting tummy rubs and a little ice cream treat. I have a forever home instead of a foster home. I can keep writing my blog. I don’t have to worry about someone taking me away from my step sister, Bella, we have so much fun playing together. Now I can make plans for my future. Maybe I will go to obedience school and surprise everyone by becoming a well behaved, well adjusted dog. Then again, maybe not!

I am so happy I wiggle all over. But then I think about all my friends that are still in Doggy Jail at the rescue kennels, and how happy they would be if they had homes too. Maybe I can help by telling people how much a forever home means to a orphan Golden Retriever.

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