Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tomorrow is Picnic day

Tomorrow is a Golden Retriever Picnic at the home of “The Dirty Dozen”. The Dirty Dozen refers to 12 new puppies that we have to find homes for. The mother was a puppy mill captive who arrived at the Golden Rescue just in time to have her puppies in a real home. I sent an E-mail to the picnic hosts to see if I could bring my Humans with me to the picnic. They said it was all right to bring humans, but I have to be sure my humans behave. I am excited to see all of my Golden friends again. So many of them are still in kennels and they only get out to play at picnics if volunteers go by and take them out. We have a fine group of people that go by the kennels and take the dogs out for a romp and play once in a while. We have 40 dogs like me that are looking for homes and have to live in a kennel until some human comes forward to take them in and give them a forever home. We need adoptive parents and temporary foster parents so these wonderful dogs can get out of “Doggy Jail”. Donations are important too, it costs a lot of money in vet fees, food and toys to keep this many dogs healthy and happy. Most of the Golden’s are in poor health when they come to us, many of them need special diets and pills till they recover.

Remember, I have a new kitten at my house. The Humans finally explained that my birthday is coming and the kitten was supposed to be a surprise present for me. I will be the only dog on the block with his own kitten, which makes it a little easier to accept. The kitten still won’t play with my toys, but he runs well and he is fun to lick. He comes and plays with us when he gets bored. He even tries to scratch my favorite dog bed. In the picture you see the cat tying to scratch my bed while Bella just watches.

I have invented a new game; I just don’t know what to call it. Shall I call it Hide and Go Poop or call it Poop and Go Seek? The game is played when I go out in the back yard and disappear. Then my Human comes out and tries to clean up the yard, but he does not know where to look. I am getting good at faking him out, he begins where he cleaned up last, but I fooled him. By using a different corner of the yard each time I go, he gets exercise, he gets fresh air, and he learns to observe his surroundings. He goes over to the fence and looks at the apple trees, he can see how tall the grass is growing and where the weeds are showing up. He goes over and checks around the Koi pond, then over by the shed, then up in the garden and through the aspen grove. When he is done he has had a morning in the great outdoors. It saves him the cost of a health spa, and he does not have to attend exercise class. This could be the start of a new fitness craze, “Golden Fitness, the Golden Retriever way.” We will sell books and videos to help people keep fit. This could be bigger than Doggy Parks. With every video purchased, you get a free Golden Retriever.

Tonight I will dream of all my Golden Friends getting out of Doggy Jail and going home to new forever homes.

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