Thursday, October 11, 2007

Daily Peanut Butter

Mogley’s blog for October 5, 2007

My Humans refilled my prescription today, I don’t understand what that is, I guess that my daily peanut butter requires a Doctor’s approval. I thought I got a twice-daily peanut butter treat because I was a special dog. When I read the label on the bottle, it says that I cannot drive or operate heavy equipment when I take my daily treat. I don’t understand humans. I have no intention of driving or operating heavy equipment. I get into the drivers seat when they leave me alone but I just like to make the windows go down. Dogs need to have the wind in our face, it’s a dog thing, humans would not understand. Humans know I don’t have a drivers license, I can’t even reach the peddles on the floor. I am just happy that I will still get a peanut butter treat twice a day, it would be better if they stopped putting that little white thing in it, it makes it harder to lick.

Time for my afternoon nap

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