Saturday, October 20, 2007

It is raining Apples!

Apples are for eating. That sounds like a children’s book I chewed on late one night. It was a fair book, not a lot of flavor, but it was fun to chew up. Apples are fun to eat. There are so many on the ground in the back yard that Bella and I chew on them, use them to play ball with, and just tear them up for fun. Bella has been eating so many apples every day that she is getting a little heavy. The humans tried to cut back on her food; all she does is eat her dinner, then run out and eat more apples. Sometimes she pushes me away from my dish and finishes up my dinner, and then I run out and have an apple. It is nice to be able to have a snack when I need one.

They gave us several new toys last night, Bella and I demolished them by noon. The pull toys had weak knots and the rubber balls on the ropes were easy to tear up. The stuffed toys had lots of stuffing, we scattered it all over the floor, it looked like a snow storm had hit the living room. Even the rawhide chew toys only last an hour or so. Bella and I tug and pull on the toys until we pull them apart. The only toy that has lasted is one that is made from a huge piece of rope with several knots in it; we have not been able to tear it up yet, we can get a good grip on it when we play tug, and it’s too thick to chew through. What the world needs is a good, strong dog toy that holds up and tastes good!

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