Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Dirty Dozen

Today we went to a picnic at the home of the “Dirty Dozen”. The puppies were so cute, but the mother was very scared of all the people around her puppies, after a life in a crate, she was very timid. She came to the Golden Retriever Rescue from a puppy farm and she was very timid from lack of human contact. Luckily her foster parents are taking special care to make her feel secure, they are giving her a good loving home, and taking good care of her and her puppies. There were probably 20 people and 25 Golden Retrievers. The host had set up a wading pool so we could all play in the water. They know how to throw a party for Golden Retrievers!

They allowed all of us Golden Retrievers to run in and out of the house whenever we wanted to. This meant that we had wet dogs mixing with dry dogs, mixing with people trying to eat and wet floors everywhere. It was lots of fun. I made several new friends and saw old friends from the prior events and from my time in the shelter.

What do you call it when 6 puppies sleep in one pile? One half of a Dirty Dozen? Puppies play hard and then they lay down where they are at the moment and nap. Then they wake up and play again. The Dirty Dozen have a motto, “Leave no shoestring tied”. They immediately attacked everyone’s shoestrings when a human came in their room.

There was good news and bad news at the picnic. Another family of puppy mill dogs is on its way to the Golden Retriever Rescue kennels. That means we will have more fun puppies, but it also means we need more foster homes, more forever homes, more volunteers to walk and play with the dogs, more donations for the vet costs and for the food. My human says to remind the readers that we are a 501(C) (3) organization. Luckily dogs don’t have to file tax returns, but it seems to mean something to my human. You can donate to help us rescue deserving dogs and deduct it as well by visiting our site at the following: http://www.goldenrescue.com/donate.html Then click on the "Donations, Add to Cart" to go to Pay Pal and help us out. Also, go to d"Home "and read about all the other Golden Retrievers that need help.

When I got home I took a nap. It was a long day of running and splashing. Bella and I agree, picnics with our doggy friends are great.

Tonight I will dream of puppies playing.

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