Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fleas in a Keyboard?

I do not have fleas! My human accused me of having fleas. The hard drive on the computer went down which is why I have not been posting to my blog regularly. He claims that “fleas in the keyboard” caused the computer crash. I strongly protest the allegation. Bella, my ugly stepsister may have fleas, but not me. It may have caught fleas from some friends that have been visiting for the last week, but it would be impolite to point a paw at them. I think the computer caught a virus when my human visited one of those naked French poodle sites. He told me to stay away from them, but I think he visits them while I am outside defending the yard from the squirrels. Until the good computer comes back from the shop I am working on a very old computer, in dog years this computer is 60 years old. It is so old it has a crank on the side of it to wind it up. That is old!

My human went to the garden to pick the ripe red tomatoes for lunch. Surprise, I had been there first and I got the ripe ones. They tried to put up a fence around them, but I still eat the tomatoes. In the afternoon when I am chasing away the raccoons and the squirrels, I need a quick snack and tomatoes really hit the spot. I even eat the green ones when they are not looking. The apples are ripe and laying on the ground, they are good too! It sure is fun to be a dog in a big back yard with a garden, fruit trees, grass and squirrels. If you have a back yard you are not using, I know where you can find a homeless Golden Retriever that would love to protect it from varmints!

Dream of happy days in the fall sunshine.

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