Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snow Fun

Snow is fun. It snowed over the weekend for the first time this year. Bella and I ran out to play in the snow till we got cold, then we came in to dry off. I ran with my nose in the snow, making the snow blow all over my face. We carried toys outside to play with; we got them wet and soggy. Bella and I wrestled in the snow till we were both white. My human came out and threw white balls to me to fetch, it was hard to find them once they landed. Bella told me that he was just teasing me as the balls were made of snow and broke apart when they hit the ground. I did not think that was very nice. I decided I needed to get revenge on him when I got the chance.

The TV controller was just sitting there. The resident human seems to think it is a wonderful toy. He plays with it for hours every day. He went to the store without me, so you can’t blame me for trying to find something to entertain myself with while he is gone. I took it out front so I could lay in the sun and watch the driveway at the same time. I tried chewing on the controller; it does not even taste good. What he sees in it I have no idea, it certainly was not as much fun as I thought it would be, considering how attached he is to it. He got all upset when he came home and found it on the front porch, what he sees in that toy I have no idea. He uses it to make the picture change on the TV, sometimes he watches animal planet and I do enjoy watching the animals, but they do get boring fast. At least he now knows that if he throws snowballs for me to fetch, I will find a way to get even.

I think I will go take a nap in the sun.

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