Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just another day of Golden Fun

My Human got out of bed this morning and mumbled something about “Friday the 13th on a Thursday, that is twice as unlucky”. Then he went out to find the morning paper. He could have sent me! I can find the paper, and then help him do his morning exercises to catch me with it to read it. A good run before reading the morning paper is good exercise for both of us. For some reason my Human does not like a game of “keep away” early in the morning. Maybe after he has his coffee he will play “fetch and catch” with the paper.

After breakfast I went out to the pond and pulled out a few water lily leaves. The fish keep hiding under the leaves. I like to see the fish when I am laying on the edge of the pond. Fish watching is a great sport on a hot summer day. If I pull out some of the leaves the fish watching is easier. Then I can catch some fish food as it floats by.

Buckley came by for a play date today. He likes to run with us in the back yard. He and I have lots of fun barking at the squirrels and the people walking on the path in the park behind the house. Buckley stayed to have dinner with us. Buckley is very polite at meal time also. He did not eat until he was invited to.

Tonight I will dream of running in the park with my friends.

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