Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black Cats and Witches

Now I understand! Halloween taught me a lesson. The black cat that haunts my home is a witch's assistant. That is the only explanation as to why the cat continues to haunt my life. The cat is certainly bad luck, I crossed its path and it follows me everywhere. It steals my bed, I have to sleep on the floor. You have already heard that when I play with the cat's toys the humans get all upset. I bring my toys to the cat to share with it and it ignores them. I brought my favorite ball and dropped it in front of it, time after time, and it just sat there. Why would a human want a pet that will not even play ball? If I don't fetch the ball he complains that "His retriever is broken". The cat gets away with a lot. The only time the cat is any fun is when he goes up the tree and chases the squirrel. When the cat climbs the tree the squirrel gets very upset. But the cat never catches it. The cat spends time in the garden hunting mice. Once in a while it brings a mouse inside which makes life exciting for a little while. Cats, you can't live with them and you can't chase them!


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  1. this is a joke hahaha. i love my black cat