Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Volunteer party

I hate to use my blog for such a purpose, but I need to let the world know about an injustice that was committed by Golden Retriever Rescue. They scheduled a party and did not invite Golden Retrievers! I thought it was an oversight, so I sent them this message to correct it. Since they refused to change the party and invite Retrievers, I am going to expose them to the public.

Sent via E-mail:
I suggest that you need someone to proof read your invitation to the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies Volunteer Appreciation Party (GRRRVAP). Or maybe it's a practical joke and someone is sitting back laughing. OK, where did they hide the camera? To tell you the truth, when I first read it, I was upset. Then my human explained that it was probably just a "typo".

You have probably already noticed that someone slipped a little something funny on the invitation. It says "sorry, no young kids or dogs". You may think it was funny, I did not.

I assume you meant "No young kids or young dogs". I can understand why you would not want puppies at the party. After all, they untie shoestrings, they wet on the floor, they yip and yap at everything and they steal all of my toys. Even worse, they are fast and when something falls from a plate, they often get to it first. I can understand why you would not want young children, I get irritated when they pull my ears and sit on me. Their high pitched laughter is hard on my sensitive ears, and they steal my toys too. So it was a good decision to keep young humans and young puppies away from a classy party.

But a Golden Retriever event without Golden Retrievers? Are you going to have a BBQ party with out any BBQ? Are you having a cocktail party without any cocktail's? A volunteer party without any volunteers? I think not!

You still have time to redeem yourself in the eyes of dogs everywhere by correcting the error in your invite. Then if you beg me enough for forgiveness, I may attend, depending on what kind of dog treats you offer. It is only fair considering how much humans make me beg!

Thank you,
Mr. Mogley G. Retriever
PS. Don't force me to take this public by posting it on my blog!

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