Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Kitten Invasion!

As you can see by the picture, the kitten is not only still here, but the kitten thinks it is in charge. It sleeps on MY Bed! It is not fair. When I take a cat toy to play with, the Humans make me drop it. They are afraid I will swallow it, as if any self respecting dog wanted to eat catnip. When I eat out of the cat’s bowl you would think I had done something terrible like barking at the mailman or sneaking a peak to see what’s on the table a meal time. The cat eats out of my bowl whenever it wants to and the Humans think it is “Cute.” When I chase the kitten off of my bed they tell me to “play carefully with the Kitten!" When the kitten takes a swipe at me with its claws they don’t tell the kitten to “play carefully with Mogley!” My nose is still tender from our last play session. If they plan to give me the kitten for my birthday you would think they would de-claw it first. But no, they think the kitten is cute when it swats me and draws blood, but if I even chase it too fast they yell at me. Life is sure unfair.

Tonight I will dream of kittens running away from home.

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