Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful Balloons!

5:00 in the morning the alarm clock went off. Usually the alarm is set for 6:00, but I wake everyone up at 5:30, this morning they beat me! They hurry Bella and I downstairs and feed us, then send us out for a few minutes. When we come back we all load up in the SUV and we head for Chatfield for something called a Balloon Festival. Chatfield is where we had the great Golden Retriever Rescue Picnic, so it must be a fine place.

When we arrive we go walking in a big field, it is still dark, the sun is just coming up. Suddenly there is a loud “whoosh” and flames come out of a basket sitting on the ground. Scary! A little further on there are more of them. Bella and I are trying to hide when several people come up to us and start petting us. More scary noises, but the people are sure friendly. Soon big colored things are floating in the sky all around us. We meet more dogs along the path, they are friendly too. We find a place to watch on a lttle hill, we sit beside a nice couple that want to talk about us and pet us while we sit. You remember the "Golden Retriever Rule" don't you? A Golden Retriever can not get enough attention!

More of the things they call Balloons are floating up in the air. The air is still and when the balloons go up, they just hang above us. We walk around and watch the balloons being prepared, then the noisy things fill them up with air, but once they float away they do it in silence. People are relaxed, they watch the Balloons and they pet Golden Retrievers. There is a giant pink bunny, it takes a long time to fill up with air and start to rise off the ground. They even had a big pink balloon with a nose and snout that was titled “When Pigs Fly”. This is an OK place.

It is not a Golden Retriever Rescue Picnic, but it is all right. We get to go by the water but they won’t let us get wet. Darn! We are home by 10:00, but after walking all around we are beat so it’s nap time. The rest of the day is quiet. Too Quiet. The foster parents went out shopping and brought us back a whole bunch of new toys.

I can de-stuff that toy in three minutes! I challenge Bella to a race to see who can tear the new toys apart in the least time. I win. They brought us some new squeaky toys, I test them out to see what sounds they make, I want just the right combination of sounds for our squeaky toy band. I am still testing when they take the noisy toys away and hide them, its bed time already.

Happy balloon dreams to you.

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