Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Road Trip!

I knew something different was happening when my Foster took my bed out and put it in the back of the SUV. Jenny (my humans daughter) came by with her car and since her car was small and she had three Golden’s, we offered to let Pepsi ride with us. The back of the SUV is high enough that we can see out the windows very easy when the seats are down. Bella, Pepsi and I watched the scenery go by for a while till we got bored, then we all arranged ourselves to take a nap. Bella climbed in the front seat and rode like the queen she thinks she is. Pepsi and I curled up in the back, I slept on my dog bed but Pepsi had to nap on the hard floor. We stopped at a rest stop in some place called “Chugwater, WY” and we went to run for a few minutes. Bella told me that when they tell you to go “potty”, stall! It makes our run in the park last longer. So I took my time until they headed back to the car with me, then I finally gave in. We had another long nap until we came to a place called “Casper”. We stopped there and had a short walk, and they left us for lunch. On the road again, they had to pull over in just a few miles. The human looked back and discovered that Pepsi had pushed the lid off of the dog food and was gobbling it up.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We arrived at the cabin high in the Big Horn Mountains. Boy did the air smell good when we got out. All kinds of strange smells were in the air. We did not know what they were but they were sure fun. After a walk in the woods, we went inside. After dinner we went for another walk, Bella and I stalled going potty again so we could sniff and enjoy the night air before we had to go to bed. The picture shows three of us in Jenny's lap, relaxing after a long drive.

The next morning we found that the cabin windows were very low and the window screens allowed us to smell and watch outside just fine. Just outside were some things called deer. We barked and barked until they ran away. A little while later several things they called wild turkeys went by. We barked and made them run too. When we went out for a walk we discovered that there were some great big things called cows on the hill. We barked at them and they went “moo” at us. This time we ran back a ways. Later that day a man came by on something called a horse. We barked at it also, but the cowboy just waved at us. Cows and horses do not have any fear of dogs, barking did not impress them at all. They are big and scary.

When the wind changed and we were down wind from the cows, we discovered why our Foster parents compared the methane production of a cow to a Golden Retriever. It was an insulting comparison. I may demand an apology, it was a gross exaggeration, Golden’s do not smell that bad!

Dinner that evening was exciting; Just before Jenny set the bowls down, Molly started fighting with Pepsi. It was scary; Bella and I never fight, so a real fight scares me. Bella and I had become Pepsi’s friend, the three of us played together and had a good time, but Molly was a grumpy dog. They grabbed Molly’s collar and quieted her down. It is hard to be grumpy when there are so many things to do and new smells to sniff.

The next two days were fun; we saw more deer, more cows, turkeys, and several neighbor dogs. Lucy, a black Lab from up the road came down and gave me one of her toys when she asked me to play. There were so many new things to bark at and all kinds of new smells. Later I ran off to visit the dog from Gillette; he was in a camper across the road. When I got loose again I went back to see him, everyone got upset just because I go for a little run down the road. When the lawn sprinklers came on I got to play in them, it was fun, wet and cool. There was a river and a pond, but my fosters would not let us play in it, they were trying to keep us clean and dry to ride in the car. Over the three days we were in the forest, we smelled things we had never smelled before, we saw a lot of new animals, and we ran till we panted. When it was time to jump in the car and head home, we were glad to lay down and have a long nap.

After a long time on the road again, we arrived back home. It was fun seeing new scenery, seeing lots of new animals, and meeting some new dog friends. We were tired of being cooped up in the car so we ran around the yard a lot before dinner. After dinner we slept all night long.

I have dreams of deer and turkeys running in the woods.

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