Wednesday, September 19, 2007

English has strange names

Last night I learned that what Mary used to call a bed has many different names. At 10:00 when I jumped up on it, my foster called it a “no”. Later around midnight when I jumped up again he called it a “NO”. A couple hours later when I tried to follow the white cat up on the bed they called it a “GET OFF”. The cat gets special privileges, no one yells at him when he gets on the bed. His purring keeps everyone awake; I was just getting to sleep when he woke me up. I am going to file a complaint with Golden Retriever Rescue.

Today was a great day. I started off by tearing up a plant in the front glass porch. It was fun; I only did it because one of my parents went to exercise class without taking me along. I sat and looked as pitiful as I could, they still drove off without me. The other foster ignored me and spent the morning on the phone. Bella just watched me from her spot on the couch; she did not help at all. The cats eat the air-plant leaves, I was getting even with the cats for that mark on my nose. My parents walked in, saw the plant and called it an “Oh, no!”

I found a rubber chicken in the toy box. Bella and I played tug-o-war for almost two hours before the chicken broke. They don’t make rubber chickens like they used to, at least that’s what my foster parents said. Now we have two tug-o-war toys. The picture shows ½ of the chicken. As they used to say in the kennels, “Tough Chicken”!

Tommy Tigert came by, he brought three dogs to visit, an older Golden named Theo, a young Golden puppy (6 months) named Reba and a pesky little Pomeranian. Reba is a very dark red color and her full name is Reba McinTigert. We had a good time running, chasing and rolling in the yard. I can hold more toys in my mouth than anyone else; Theo gets grumpy when I steal one of her toys. The squirrels were busy in the trees; we all chased them from tree to tree and down the fence. We got to bark at dogs who were walking in the park. Theo says that her person, Tommy, travels a lot so she spends a lot of time at my foster home. Theo came in the front door, grabbed a toy out of the box on her way to the back yard, and climbed right into the pool. She splashed around in the shallow end and had a good time. I wanted to go in the water with her, but it looks so deep. Reba is a pesky pup, she kept jumping up on people, and she has no manners. Reba would run in circles around me while I was running circles around Theo. Everyone kept comparing me to Reba, but I don’t think there is any comparison. The Pomeranian is named Barkley. I don’t think he ever quite barking. First it was us, then the squirrels, then the joggers in the park, then a bird flew by and he barked at that. He is a pest. He sure can run fast, and he turns so quickly that I can’t catch him. Maybe he is not so bad after all.

Later, after dinner, I was jumping around and wrestling with Bella. My foster took us for a long walk. I got to see the park and our back yard from the other side of the fence. Bella and I gave my foster two longer arms. He wanted to keep us under control, but there were too many other dogs and joggers on the path. He carried a pocket full of treats, and we got one even when we did not deserve it. I knew my cute would pay off. There are ducks and rabbits in the park, more fun if I ever get loose to chase them.

Back home I found a toy that was too full of stuffing. I fixed that, the toy was deflated in a few minutes. Then I sat and squeaked the squeaky thing that came out of it. I must have eaten some of the stuffing because I threw it up later. My appetite has improved, I was so excited the first few days that I did not eat much and my fosters were worried. I ate a big dinner and now its bed time, so I will close for tonight.

I hope you have squirrels in your dreams.

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