Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Picnic

I did not get my blog written Saturday night, I was cold, wet, dirty and tired when I got back from the day at the Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion Picnic at Chatfield and my Foster dad won’t let me have the computer if I am wet and dirty.

Buckley spent Friday night with us so he could come along with Bella and I to the picnic, the more Golden’s, the merrier! We arrived early to help set up, that gave us even more time to play in the water before very many dogs and people arrived. My foster parents set up their chairs, then gave each of us a snack so we would remember where they were before they turned us loose. Then we were off and running.

We began splashing, chasing balls and meeting new friends while my foster’s helped set up the picnic. More dogs were arriving, more friends to meet. Molly and Emma arrived; Brian and Jenny came down to the shore and began throwing balls in the water for us. Five dripping Golden’s ran back to check on our parents from time to time and see if it was “treat time” yet. Soon the ground was wet and slippery where they had set their chairs. People were soon slipping on the mud. When we spotted a hot human, we would run out of the water, greet them, then shake hard and cool them down. Several Greyhounds came by, they would not run into the water with us, but we had fun running up and down the beach with them, they sure can run and turn fast.

At 12 Noon all of the Golden’s were lined up on the shore, the great ball toss was about to begin. It took a long time; several of the dogs did not understand the rules and ran into the water early. The balls were thrown and the dogs were released. Everyone charged into the water, if we brought back one of the special balls with numbers on it we would get a prize. Buckley, Bella, Emma, Molly and I ran into the water until it was up to our shoulders. Then we waited while the energetic dogs swam way out and brought the balls closer to shore. Our plan was working; we ended up with lots of prizes, pretty green tennis balls.

After the ball toss I was tired, I went up to my foster’s camp spot but the ground was too wet and muddy to lie down. I took over one of the camp chairs, it gave me a clean, dry spot to rest while I watched the rest of the dogs run and splash My foster left a piece of watermelon unguarded, I found out that I like watermelon.

Several dogs moved in on my territory during the day, looking for attention and treats. One young girl, Pepsi, was the same age I am, very sweet and quite shy. She began leaning on Jenny, resting her head on Jenny’s lap and making herself totally adorable. Pepsi was a rescue dog that was looking for a new home; she has something called special needs. I guess that means she gets pills coated in peanut butter like I do. After several hours of getting acquainted, Brian and Jenny decided to take Pepsi home and foster her. She played well with Emma and Molly, and I think she is cute. We will make a play date as soon as she gets settled in her new foster home.

Two more hours of running, swimming, getting muddy, meeting new friends and playing with balls and sticks in the lake wore us completely out. I returned to my chair and rested for a while. When they called for volunteers to help load up and clean up, my fosters went to help while the three of us took a nap in the back of the SUV. We slept all the way home. At home, the three of us got baths before we were allowed in the house. Clean and tired, we did not even play once we got in the house. Mike took Buckley home, then we had dinner and slept through the night.

I hope we can do that again soon. My tail was sore from wagging so hard, I did not know I could get tired from having too much fun. I met many new friends and I learned to swim much better. I ran and played without a leash for five hours. Somebody said we had 300 people and 200 dogs at the picnic. With all those people and dogs I did not hear a single disagreement or an angry Growl.

Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR) has been busy, it has placed 187 dogs in the first six months of the year, but there are still 31 dogs looking for homes and a way out of the kennel. If you would take a Golden home, you could be a part of all the fun and you too could share in our wonderful times. The price of admission to all this fun is only a Golden Retriever away. Don’t miss our next picnic!

On the way home my foster dad looked back at the three of us wet, muddy, tired dogs, curled up, laying with our heads on each other and asked us, “Since all dogs go to heaven, would you three mind putting in a good word for us when you get there?”

That night I had dreams of running in and out of the water with all of my new doggie friends, playing with balls and sticks.

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