Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A band of Golden Retrievers

It takes a lot of practice and rehearsal to turn a few good dogs into a polished band. We are getting so good on our squeaky balls that we need to form a band and go professional. In the picture I am showing my ugly foster step-sister how to properly hold a squeaky ball in order to get the maximum tone from it. She is usually laying down on the job, she does not practice as much as I do. She is not musical as I am; she has to work hard to carry a tune, she hardly ever barks, even when she has a squirrel up a tree. She needs voice lessons if she is ever going to perform in public.

I am working on what to name our band. We need a name that conveys our excitement and our dedication to music. We will test market a couple of names. How about “The Golden Band?” Or maybe “The Retriever Chorus?” How do I form a “focus group?”

In this picture I am helping Bella to get a correct grip on a squeaky toy in order to make the harmony work in with the rest of the band.

Tonight I will dream of the wonderful music we will make as a band.

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