Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting ready for a long trip.

Road Trip! My Foster parents told Bella and I to pack our leashes, bones, toys and bed, we are going to Northern Wyoming.

My cousins told me about the ranch in Wyoming, Pepsi, Molley and Emma went up there last week with their humans. It is a long drive but there are several rest stops along the way. Rest stops along the highway are fun, we get to meet a lot of different dogs. When we get to the mountians, they said there are deer in the yard every day, bears in the hills, wild turkeys in the trees, raccoons, foxes, ducks, coyotes and lots of birds. There are some big things called cows and in the corrals there are some horses. They told me that we have to be very careful not to go very far from the yard. They don’t let us run loose very much as it is dangerous if we run away following a deer. There is a stream in the yard so we can play in the water every day.

For the next five days I won’t be able to blog, but when I get back, I should have some great stories.

Tonight I will dream about deer, whatever they are.

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