Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fun in the Park and the Pet Food Store

Today was fun, we went down to Cherry Creek park and Bella and I ran in the water. I had fun running in and out of the shallow water. This is a lot more fun that a pool. Bella wanted to chase the ducks but they were way out in the lake. Wading out in the sand is much easier than jumping down the steep steps in the pool. There were boats in the lake and people fishing. We went as far out in the lake as our leashes would allow. We got very wet and very muddy. After we came home we got our feet washed before we were allowed into the house.

Today I taught my foster parents a new trick. I taught them to scratch my tummy when I roll over on my back. They are kind of slow to learn, I had to roll over several times before they caught on. I will have to repeat it tomorrow to reinforce it.

I learned that the Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion picnic is coming up soon. I am excited to get to see my old friends again. They will be astonished at how much I have grown. It is going to be at Chatfield lake so I will get to run in the water again.

Later we went to the dog food store, I got treats from all the workers at the store. I got to pick out a couple of toys and some new food. I like the chicken flavor a lot better than the Lamb flavor. Lots of people got to pet me, so I think I did my good deed for the day. The people at the store would have had to go to bed without petting a Golden Retriever.

Then we went to the Vet’s. We had to get Bella her annual shots. The Vet sells squeaky balls. I wore one out before we left the office, then we bought four more balls to take home. I stepped up on the scales, I now weigh 56 pounds. Bella weighs 76 pounds, no wonder she is so good at tug of war.

I think I will dream of splashing in the lake.

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