Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Training Humans to throw balls

My foster dad said that if a Retriever can’t fetch then you have a defective Retriever. He went out in the back yard and threw a ball which Bella (my ugly step-sister/golden) promptly brought back. Then he gave Bella a treat, but he did not give me one. He threw the ball again; Bella went running after it and came back for a treat. By the third throw I began to understand the game, I went running after it, but Bella beat me, she got a treat again and I got nothing. This time I was ready, he threw it and I beat Bella to the ball. When I brought it back to him he gave me the treat. Then he threw two balls at once and we each got a treat. I wonder how Bella taught him that trick? It sure is a fun game; I think we should do it again.

Later we went to the dog treat bank. They have this window that you can drive up to, send a piece of paper in to the person, then the person inside sends a treat out for Bella and I. They sent some kind of green paper out to my foster dad, he seemed to think they were a treat as well. The treat dispensing bank is great fun.

Back home my foster mom decided it was time I had my teeth brushed. Since this is the first time, I spent lots of time chewing on the tooth brush. After a while I let her put more of that good tasting stuff in my mouth. I guess I will let her do it again if she wants to.

After an early dinner, we went for a walk. This time when we got to the park there were many other people there. My foster dad said it was something called a "concert in the park." That is another way to say that lots of people will be there to pet puppys. We had chairs for the humans and lots of green grass for the dogs. On our daily walks I have trained my foster dad to hold a water bottle so the water drips out as I lap at it, when I got thirsty at the park I would drink from the bottle. People thought that was very cute and there was lots of oohing and ahhhing from the onlookers. There were several other dogs there, but none that got as much attention as I did. I got to play with lots of children and everyone that walked by stopped to pet me. They played music and people would dance by and pet me as they went by. I want to do that again.

I am back home, it has been a long day. I think I will take a nap.
I think I will have dreams of chasing balls for treats.

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