Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dachshunds, They will not trade me, will they?

Dachshunds! My Foster parents are threatening to take me to the Dachshund rescue kennels and trade me for a Dachshund. They fell over me twice because they tried to step over me just as I was standing up. Wait till they lose a tennis ball in the pool and they want their Dachshund to fetch it! Wait till they throw a Frisbee, and they send their Dachshund to retrieve it. Wait till a visitor needs to be greeted at the door with licks, wags, wiggles and snuggles. Then they will realize how valuable their Golden Retriever is! They would not really trade me in, would they? Maybe I won’t lay down in the kitchen or the hallway, just in case.

The cat is staying! After three weeks they gave up. No one is going to call and claim a lost cat. I tried to tell them that. They should have taken the cat to the Dumb Friends League when they first found it. Now they say it is so cute and it plays so well with Bella and I. They took the cat to the vet for a health check up and get its shots. I hope they got it inspected for cooties, I am sure cats have cooties. I knew the battle was lost when they took down the signs advertising “Found, Black Kitten”. If I have to share the house with a kitten, I am going to chase him and make him miserable. He comes running by me while I am relaxing, he bounces just in front of me before he takes off running again, just begging me to chase him. I jump up and chase him but he is already hiding behind the couch. He lays down on my bed and dares me to chase it. Cats are pests!

Tonight I will dream of chasing cats.Mogley

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