Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Training humans

The morning started out normal, Bella and I had breakfast and then we played Tug-o-war for a while. Then I had to chew on several old toys to test them for strength. Some of Bella’s toys were not very strong and they came apart too easily to be a real challenge. The toy fox came apart after only a few minutes of trying. I had to find something that offered more of a challenge.

Then it came to me. My mission in life is clear. Mary did not send me to live with my foster parents so that they could take care of me, Mary sent me so I could help Bella train them. Bella had let the humans in the house get soft and careless, they left shoes around, socks untended, papers on low tables. My task is to teach the humans how to live with dogs. Today I will begin reorganizing the house and the humans to be more “dog friendly”. The cats act like they own the place, I will take care of that as well. Dog training is what they need. Besides, my nose is almost healed after my last time playing with the cats.

My humans were trimming trees this morning. I helped a lot, as soon as they cut off a branch, I would drag it out to the center of the lawn and broke off little pieces. That makes it easier for them to take it to the trash.

When a human came back from the store, I helped them with the groceries. They left a bright red ball on the counter and went back to get more things. They sure got upset when I took the ball and played with it, they called it a “no-no” but it looked and tasted like a tomato to me. I ate the whole thing!

Late in the afternoon they came out to feed the fish in the pond. That food sure smelled good. When they threw a handful of it out in the water, I went after it. Boy, that water is deeper than I thought but I learned how to swim real quickly. I did not get any food, but I sure did teach those koi a lesson. After my swim my human decided to give me a quick bath, he said I smelled like fish. It was 90 degrees so I dried off very fast.

That’s all for today,
Have puppy dreams.Mogley

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