Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Homes needed for Dogs!

This morning I received an e-mail from Mary at Golden Retriever Rescue telling me about all of the dogs that are still in the kennel because they do not have homes of their own. She told me that 243 Golden Retrievers had come to the rescue so far this year. There are still over 35 of us looking for forever homes.

I remember last night at the concert in the park, how many people did not have dogs to pet so they came over to pet me. Several people told me about their dog, but they left their dog at home when there was all this grass to run on and people to play with. They brought their lawn chairs, their picnic baskets and their wine, but they did not bring their dog. It’s very sad. My foster tells people that I am available for adoption and tells people to visit the web site, but I know he does not want to get rid of me, he is just trying to help. I know if I get a forever-home that another dog in a kennel will get my place in the foster home so that makes me feel better. I did not like being locked up in the chain link run at the kennels. It was no fun to just run back and forth and bark at the dogs on each side of me. Anything I can do to help get one more dog out of the pen is a good deed for me. Do you know anyone that needs unconditional love? That is what Golden Retrievers can give you.

Today I thought my foster dad was going mad. He kept pointing at Bella and I and counting “one, two… one, two…” then he looked in all the closets, under the tables, and behind the couch. He said he was trying to find the other 18 dogs that he was sure were in the house, there were enough dog toys on the floor for at least 20 dogs. When someone rings the door bell there may be 30 or 40 dogs barking at the front door. “Where do they all hide when I get to the door” he asked?

My foster does not understand why I am named “Mogley”, he thinks I should have been named “Wags” or “Thumper”. He says he can tell where I am in the house just by listening to the sound of my tail hitting the wall or the floor, my tail keeps going. Sometimes at night I wake them up when I have dreams and my tail starts wagging. I call it my “happy tail”.

After dinner we went to a new park, Mayor Ed Tauer was having a reception at the new Medical Center where something called Fitzsimmons used to be. . We all went to the party. I got lots of petting, everyone was there so I got to show off. There was lots of green grass and a nice large pond. It was a good way to end a long day.

I think I will dream of all the dogs in the kennels getting new homes at once.

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