Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Learning to Swim

Friday and Saturday were such boring days that I did not even write a blog for the day. Sunday was a great day, Buckley came by to play. Then my foster parents decided to teach me to swim. Buckley is a brave dog, he goes in the pool at every opportunity. He wades in, lays down on the steps and just sits there with the water almost covering him. I tried going down a step or two and it was all right, but the deep water in the pool is still strange stuff. Bella agrees with me, she wades in on the first or second step but that is all. Our human gave us lessons on how to swim and we watched closely. Next time we will get in all the way.

When we were done in the pool, we all got a bath to rinse the chlorine off. Then we were dried and combed. As soon as we were done we found some dirt in the garden to roll in, we had to restore that dog cache.

Everything was going well until it was time for Buckley to go home. Just before Mike came to pick him up, Buckley was running along the edge of the pool and fell in, at least he says he fell in, I think he jumped in on purpose. When he came out, he was wet again. My fosters hurried to dry him off, but he was still dripping when he got into Mike’s car.

That night I had dreams of chasing ducks in the pond.

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