Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fun in the pool

The picture to the right shows Bella and I as we try to get a ball in the pool.

Today was a fun day, five of the neighbor kids came to go swimming. They ran and jumped in the pool, I ran with them and chased the tennis balls they threw for me. They tried hard to lure me into the pool, but they could not get me in. I did get in to the second step twice. I finally leaned over too far and fell all the way in. I turned and swam very fast to the steps where I climbed out. . Chasing the balls is fun and the kids are fun to play with, they wore Bella and I out, we took a nap as soon as they left.

After dinner some people came by and my foster dad set up to do some recording. When they would start the recording I would run to the front door and bark. They would start over and I would wait for them, then I would run and bark. They finally closed the doors and locked me in where I could not see anything to bark at. I think a record with a dog as a background accompaniment would be a big seller.

They still have not done anything about those pesky cats. The cats still think they own the house; they strut around and act like they are the kings. I wonder if Golden Retriever Rescue has room for a couple of cats? I would be glad to donate two of them to help entertain my friends in the kennels.

That night I dreamed about all of my dog friends playing together.Mogley

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