Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trip to the Pet Food store

I finally convinced my foster parents that I did not like the Lamb and Rice formula puppy food I was getting. I kept stealing Bella’s Chicken and Rice adult food. When Bella and I had a spat about the food my foster parents finally realized what we were telling them. The best part of this is we all went to the dog food store. I tried to pick out some toys but my fosters said I had enough toys. I will show them, when I get home I will tear the old ones apart, then we can get new ones. I picked out some new food. I taught the person at the cash register that when Bella and I sit down, they are supposed to give us treats. The clerk learned very fast, I sat, I got treats from that register, then I tried the next register and they pulled me out of the store. Maybe this will help the next dog that comes to the store, The store manager gave me lots of petting and talked with my foster parents. Back home my foster’s cheated a little, they mixed some of the old yucky lamb and rice in with the good chicken. I ate a very large dinner anyway.

I am getting excited about the Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion this Saturday. I volunteered to clean up any food than gets dropped on the floor. I want to help all I can. I wonder if I should take some copies of my blog with me, I could autograph them with a paw print and sell them for the rescue.

I will dream of people dropping food for me to clean up.

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