Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another fun day in a dogs life

The morning started off real well. Bella and I had a good tug-o-war game with a stuffed squirrel toy. She won, she got the biggest part, I only got the tail. My foster is trying to figure out how to sew the tail back on. It was a good squirrel, but not strong enough for us. We then played with a tug toy, it held up a lot better and we worked it pretty hard. Buckley came by after breakfast, Mike was going to Colorado Springs and did not want to leave Buckley in a hot car. We had a good time running and romping in the yard. Buckley is fun to watch when he goes through the dog door, it is too small for him so he has to squeeze through it. First he puts his head through, then he reaches in with his paws and grabs the carpet to pull himself through, then he lays down on the carpet and pulls his back legs through. It does not slow him down much, he still comes and goes constantly. Buckley bragged that he got to lay on the “Great Seal” on the carpet in the capital. Big deal, I got to tear up a throw rug!

Our foster mom put some dog treats inside of a ball and let us roll it around until the treats fell out. I got the last one after the two big dogs gave up on it. After some three-way wrestling, we all took a nap.

Tommy dropped off a toy floating Golden Retriever with a stick in its mouth. He dropped it into the pool and then asked my foster if he was short a dog, then pointed into the pool. My foster dad looked around to count dogs just to be sure. It looks just like a swimming Golden. Funny. They named it Pool, the Golden Retriever.

I hope your dreams are running in tall grass that tickles your tummy.

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