Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Concert in the park

It was concert in the park night again. We walked down the park path to the concert area, there were a lot of people there this time. We met two other Golden Retrievers there. Tom brought Theo and Reba. With four Golden’s in one group a lot of people stopped by to pet us and talk about their dogs. Many people told us about their dogs but they left their dogs at home. All that green grass with room for dogs to romp was wasted. We tried to make as many friends as we could. The concert was “Hot Tomatoes” which is a good group, it set our tails to thumping, Bella and I sat up and listened to the music. We enjoyed the walk down to the park and the walk home again after the concert was over.

It is getting close to Golden Retriever Rescue Reunion picnic day; boy is it going to be fun to play with all of our friends. I hope they have enough tennis balls to go around. My foster says I woke him up at 3:00 this morning; I was thumping my tail on the floor again. I was having happy dreams.

I was dreaming about 200 wet dog friends running after tennis balls.

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