Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Found a Kitten

Cats! Why me? Sunday night my Foster dad heard a noise out front in a big bush. He came back in the house with a tiny black kitten that had been hiding in the bushes. Only 4 months old, it looked harmless enough. “Found Kitten” signs were posted on sign posts and animal shelters called to find the owner. It has been four days now and no sign of it leaving. It gets along with us but that is not the point. Having two cats in a dog’s home is bad enough, but three is stretching my limits. It gets to sleep on the bed, jump on furniture, and climb onto window sills. When I try to follow it I get yelled at. There must be a way we can file a complaint with the Golden Retriever Rescue to let them know of this miss-treatment. Can we call Orkin and tell them we need them to remove an infestation of cats? One bright spot came out of this; my Foster dad says I am certified as “Kitten Proof” now, any family that wants to have a dog and a cat living together can adopt me.

I helped feed the fish again today. The fish food smells a lot better than my food. I think I am being cheated. I leaned in and tried to grab some of the food but I could not reach it. I have fallen in twice already, and it is scary to suddenly be in the water.

I went back in the house and found a squeaky toy. I remember an old story about a Golden Retriever that asked a Poodle “How can I get to Carnegie Hall?” The Poodle told him “Practice, practice!” That is what I am going to do. I will practice until I am a squeaky ball virtuoso.

Tonight I will dream of a nice black kitten finding a new home, someplace else.

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