Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cats and Kittens are a plague!

Cats and Kittens are the reason there is war, pestilence, famine and plague in the world. Democrats and Republicans each blame it on the other party. No, the cause is Cats and Kittens. The kitten arrived eight days ago and it is still here. We advertised on the web, we posted 14 signs on stop signs for a mile in every direction. We put up notices in the grocery stores and even several vet clinics. We still have not found anyone that will admit they lost a kitten. I could have predicted that no one would claim it, who in the world would want a kitten back if they lost one? They probably celebrated when they discovered that the kitten had left. If someone did show up to claim it I was prepared to give them two cats as a bonus.

Still, the kitten is fun at times. He loves to run and he will come up to me and then take off running. I will give chase and he will go behind a couch or jump up on a chair and stop, daring me to go any further. Then he will take off again. I tried giving it some of my toys but it is too dumb to grab them and have a tug of war. I caught the kitten laying on my dog bed this morning, he didn’t even move when I climbed on the bed beside him He came over and took a bite out of my breakfast bowl while I was eating. He is not respectful of dogs. He has no intention of leaving, I can tell. There must be a place that a self respecting dog can file a complaint about having too many cats in a house?

Tonight I will dream of kittens running away from home.

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