Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Concert in the park, with dogs

I knew something special was going on. It was only 5:30 and my foster parents were giving us our dinner already. My foster dad had put on his walking shoes, that means we get to go for a walk. This time he had stuff in a bag he was carrying, even putting in some doggie toys and treats. We turned down the path towards the recreational center which is where they had the concert last week. Sure enough, there were lots of people coming down the path, cars parking along the street and a band tuning up on the bandstand.

Oh, boy! Children everywhere and they stopped to pet me. Most of them are polite and careful, they ask if they can pet me. By then it is usually too late, I have already pulled to them to get in the first lick. This time we had several other dogs in the area, we got to sniff and exchange scents to get acquainted. I showed off again, people love to watch Bella and I drink out of the water bottle. My foster holds it up and we lick the end while he squeezes it gently. Everyone points and says how cute it is.

We walked around and talked to people. A city councilman had his dog with him and we got acquainted. One lady with a nice little boy listened intently while my foster explained how I was a foster dog and that I was up for adoption but that I had some kind of condition. Later the lady came up and talked with us. She is a veterinarian assistant at the Alameda Clinic. She was very interested in my condition, whatever that is. She says she is going to read my blog and then talk to Mary about keeping me. Her dog is currently going through Chemo, sounds bad to me. She was happy that I was cat friendly, she has a cat. She jogs past my back yard every day on the park path; she is probably one of the people I bark at in the morning. She seems like a very nice person. She is going to come visit me soon.

I think I will dream of playing with the children on the grass in the park.

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