Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Five friends to play

On Sunday morning the human's daughter brought over two older Goldens to play, Emma and Molly. I guess that makes them my aunts. Molly is an alumnus of the Golden Rescue, she is a little jealous of other dogs but she welcomed me warmly, she is the best squirrel chaser of them all. She can almost climb a tree. She spends her time at my place chasing the squirrels from tree to tree. I hope she does not wear the squirrels out; I want them in good condition so I can chase them too. Buckley came by to play. Buckley, Bella and I had a great time with three way mouth wrestling. With five Goldens to play with, it was just like Mary’s place. One of us (I won’t say who) got some of the cat toys down from a high shelf and we tore them all up. What fun we all had!

My foster parents say that I have more energy than three dogs. They said if I was sick, there was certainly no sign of it. They especially like my propeller tail. Most of the time my tail wags from side to side, but when I really get excited my tail goes all the way around, like a propeller. Today I had squirrels to chase, four friends to help chase them, cats to worry, koi to terrorize, a big yard to run in, my tail was going constantly.

Late in the afternoon Mike came by to pick up Buckley, Mike likes to roll on the floor with us and we get to lick him till he laughs. With three dogs licking him all at once we kept him laughing for a long time. I may like this house after all.

That’s all the blog for today. I think I will take a nap and dream of playing with my friends.

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